Winners of 2024/25 'NI Pet Specialist Service of the Year for Small Animal Boarding

Small Animal Boarding Northern Ireland

We are still coming down from cloud 9 after the wonderful gala awards ceremony in the Crown Plaza Hotel, Belfast, on 8th June 2024 where we won:

'Pet Specialist of the Year for Small Animal Boarding'

Completely mind-blowing as we've been open for less than 1 year so still getting our heads around being nominated as a finalist in 3 different categories ('Newcomer of the Year', Pet Exercise Area of the Year', and Specialist Pet Service of the Year) and then actually winning!

We cannot thank everyone enough for voting for us, our business has been a dream come true and we are humbled to receive this award. Anyone who knows us personally will know just how difficult life has been for the last long number of years, there is still a long way to go, but every day we get to spend with these fabulous floofs, is another day of healing with the very best therapy in the world!






Belfast, Lisburn, Londonderry, Craigavon & beyond,

Small animal boarding for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds & chinchillas

At our fully insured boarding retreat, we have 7 spacious and luxurious enclosures for bunnies, 6 of which have permanent large runs with the others having daily access to fresh grass runs on our large, quiet garden.

Alongside these, we have 3 large guinea pig/gerbil/hamster enclosures. These are housed in an insulated, secure building on-site at our home in rural Ballinderry Lower, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.

We provide luxurious, spotlessly clean, spacious suites, oceans of enrichment toys, tunnels & castles, and of course, lots of snuggles and attention. You can rest assured that your furry family members will be utterly spoiled during their stay with us.

Who are we?

Welcome to our 5*, luxurious small animal boarding service in Northern Ireland, where your beloved small pets receive unparalleled care while you go on holiday, in a contemporary, relaxing environment uniquely designed specifically for small animals.

As a specialist boarding retreat, we board only:


Guinea pigs



Small Birds

and other small animals

We offer both indoor and outdoor luxury accommodations to cater to their preferences.

We provide a high-end pet boarding experience that ensures your furry friends feel at home while you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Unlike traditional catteries or dog kennels, our facilities have been individually designed and crafted for small pets, creating a 5* standard pet hotel atmosphere that caters only to small animals. When you choose us for your small animal boarding, you ensure yourself a completely stress-free experience where we take care of your pets as if they were our own with an enriching, fun-filled boarding experience!

Make a reservation today and give your pets the holiday boarding experience they deserve.

We are incredibly lucky to have one of NI's largest nature reserves on our doorstep, Portmore Lough, home to a vast array of birdlife which frequently adorn our gardens with their beautiful birdsong providing great entertainment for all our boarding guests.

So why not treat your small animals to a holiday of their own at Ballinderry Boarding Small Animal Retreat & book today!

Luxury rabbit boarding in Northern IrelandLuxury rabbit boarding in Northern Ireland
Guinea pig boarding Northern IrelandGuinea pig boarding Northern Ireland
Hamster Boarding Northern IrelandHamster Boarding Northern Ireland

We do love our social media, I mean, who doesn't love watching super cute pictures and videos of all the gorgeous small animals we get to care for & fall in love with!

Check out our TikTok and YouTube pages by clicking on them below!

Booking and Reservations

Booking your pet's stay with us at Ballinderry Boarding is easy. You can make your reservation online via the booking link below, or get in touch with us directly.

To ensure your pet's comfort and safety, we require proof of vaccinations for all rabbits that are boarding and recommend a health check-up prior to their arrival.

We also recommend booking in advance, especially during peak holiday seasons.

Message us on WhatsApp on the icon below with any questions you may have

Or click the button below to check availability and book online

About Ballinderry Boarding Small Animal Retreat

This business came about when my family and I, grew our own little animal family with bunnies, guineas, a hamster, dog and a cat. Whilst we could find places for our dog and cat to stay when we went away, we discovered that there is a severe lack of exemplary accommodation for these little furries in Northern Ireland. We really struggled to find anywhere that would take them all at once, or had the opportunities to provide a luxury stay for all of them.

With limited choices, we worried about them our entire holiday and couldn’t wait to pick them up again and it really affected our enjoyment of my holiday! Dogs and cats are easily catered for with facilities in abundance but there really was nothing of a high standard available for small animals.

So….we built it ourselves!

Welcome to Ballinderry Boarding, where the accommodation is so good, you may even want to stay yourself!

Look after my rabbit when I go on holiday Northern Ireland
Look after my rabbit when I go on holiday Northern Ireland

Where your small pets have a luxurious holiday so you can truly enjoy yours!

pet boarding Northern Ireland
pet boarding Northern Ireland

Where to find us

We are approx 400 metres on right hand side, just after you enter Ballinderry Lower from Upper Ballinderry side.

Please park on our driveway and head to the large green gate on the right hand side of house, ring the doorbell on the wall and we will be with you as soon as possible to greet & welcome you to our lovely little retreat!