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Enhancing Your Pet's Holiday Experience with Our New Omlet Outdoor Play Area

Omlet Zippi rabbit and guinea pig outdoor run, tunnels and hideaways

Denise Moore

6/23/20241 min read

Introducing the Omlet 'Zippi ' Outdoor Play Area for rabbits & guinea pigs

We always aim to provide the very best service to both you and, more importantly, all the small animals that stay with us here at Ballinderry Boarding Small Animal Retreat for their holidays! We want you to have complete peace of mind in knowing your pet is having fun while you are away so you can thoroughly enjoy your break away!

We are delighted to introduce our brand-new Omlet Outdoor Play Area for the summer of 2024. This exciting addition is specially designed for all the wonderful rabbits and guinea pigs that come to board with us. The Omlet Outdoor Play Area offers a secure and engaging environment where your pets can explore, play, and socialize while you are away.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time only, Omlet is offering a sale of up to 20% off on their products for you to enhance their experience at home!

We absolutely love all their stuff and have used it all throughout our boarding as it’s very durable, looks good and super easy to clean.

We will never, ever recommend anything that we don’t use me ourselves!

Bunnies especially like to have a good auld chew at everything and so far, all the Omlet equipment is standing strong!

So, get your pet the best souvenir ever when you come home from holiday and order up some Omlet bits today while the offer is still on!

Check out our Omlet Zippi set up here at Ballinderry Boarding Small Animal Retreat