Welcome to our Small Bird Boarding Service in Northern Ireland

Are you planning a holiday & worried about leaving your feathered friend behind?

Every aspect of our bird boarding is tailored to create a stress-free & enjoyable experience for your feathered friends.

Whether your bird enjoys social interaction, mental stimulation, or simply needs regular feeding and cleaning, we've got you covered. We ensure that your bird receives the love and care they deserve in the comfort of our beautiful facilities. We personalise their care plan to meet their needs & preferences.

We are delighted to welcome small birds such as Canaries, Lovebirds & budgies to board with us in a safe, stimulating & loving environment so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday.

We ask that all birds arrive in a suitable carrier to allow transfer into our own cage.

We will send you lots of picture updates throughout their stay so you can see them enjoy their own little holiday!

Our flexible schedule, easy booking system, and proximity to Belfast International Airport, allows you to drop off and collect at times that suit you. Whether it's a short weekend getaway, or an extended holiday, we are open 7 days a week!

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two green-and-red birds
two green-and-red birds

Booking your pet's stay with us at Ballinderry Boarding is easy.

You can make your reservation online via the booking link below, or get in touch with us via WhatsApp, text, Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct message with any questions you may have. No question is silly! We understand that leaving your pet while you go away can be a worrying time but we are here to put your mind at rest.

We recommend booking in advance, especially during peak holiday seasons such as Easter, Summer & Christmas.

Mobile number: 07810481413


Click the button below to book online or check availability and start your holiday off the best way!

blue parakeet on hand
blue parakeet on hand
white yellow and blue bird
white yellow and blue bird