Terms and Conditions

We promise to treat your pet with love, plenty of attention and with luxury facilities so good that you yourself may even want to stay!

Please read all of the below terms & conditions that apply to you and your pet during their stay with us. If there is anything at all that you are unsure about, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to reassure you that your beloved pet is in incredibly safe hands leaving you to thoroughly enjoy your well-deserved break away while your pet, enjoys theirs!

All customers must complete a booking form (every time your pet stays with us) to include all of your pet details to include a copy of vaccination card (for rabbits only). Please ensure picture of vaccine includes pets name, date of vaccine and sticker.


Drop off & collections are strictly between 5pm-7pm 7 days per week, in 15 minute time slots. Please ensure you arrive at the time you have chosen to allow time for a calm, relaxed handover.

We do offer a pre bookable out of hours drop off and collection, between 10am-11pm, for a small fee, which can be selected at the time of booking. Please note that is this is added at a later date, we cannot guarantee availability for this service.


If your rabbits vaccination expires before their stay, please ensure that their new vaccine is given AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE to ensure it has time to take effect.

Please enter the expiry date and upload the current vaccine when booking, then upload their new vaccine card when they get it.

All rabbits must be vaccination for Myxomatosis, VHD1 & RVHD2.

Vaccinations must be in date and last for the duration of your rabbits holiday.

We have the right to refuse boarding if vaccinations do not meet our requirements or pets miss an annual booster injection.

Pets must not be showing any signs of ill health when they arrive & must not have mites, dirty bottoms or matted fur on their body or bottom area.

If your rabbit becomes sick before their stay, then you must tell us so we can decide if we can meet their requirements.

We cannot board rabbits:

within 7 days of having a general anaesthetic

who have a serious medical issue, illness, an injury or contagious condition

who have a history of 'Snuffles' or cold/cough, sneezing with nasal discharge

who have had a recent diagnosis of e cuniculi (depending on symptoms they presented with).

Courses of medication must be completed 72 hours before boarding to make sure it has worked. A precautionary 9-day course of Panacur (for EC bunnies) must be completed the day before you drop your pets off.


A deposit of 25% must be paid in advance of your pets stay. Payment can be made via RevelationPets (Stripe), cash or bank transfer. Payment must be made within 3 days of confirmation of booking placed, otherwise, we cannot secure a place for your pet.


We will always confirm your booking with us. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please check if your deposit has been made & booking form has been completed within 3 days. If not, your booking has not been made.


You can choose to pay the full amount for your pets stay in advance or pay 25% to confirm the booking and remainder paid on drop off. We accept cash, Revelation Pets (Stripe) or bank transfer.


If your pet becomes ill we will contact you straight away & arrange to take your pet to see a vet.

In the case of gut stasis, a common condition in rabbits, we will first administer Fibreplex, a gut stimulant, adjust their feeding and monitor closely, we reserve the right to take your rabbit/s to our own vets, Vets for Pets Sprucefield or an A&E Animal Hospital, where they 'may' need to stay in for 24/7 nursing care, medication and monitoring.

Charges for vet treatment must be paid by you after the consultation or on collection (if they were admitted).

If we can't get hold of you then the vets will proceed in your pets best interests & we may settle the bill on your behalf.

You must pay back any vets fees to us before you collect your pets. This can be by bank transfer or cash.

Unpaid vets bills will be referred to the small claims court for settlement which will include all court costs.


Please be aware that if our vets are closed and we need to take your pet to an A&E Veterinary Hospital or an out of hours vet - then their charges for a consultation can be in excess of £150 (before treatment & medication). If your pet has to stay overnight, then bills can be in excess of £600 for one night. All vet bills have to be cleared, by the owner, before pets are discharged from veterinary care.

Sadly, small pets can pass away very quickly, even following medical treatment. If this happens, we will contact you immediately to discuss your wishes. Please be aware you will have to pay for any outstanding veterinary fees.

If your pet becomes ill with a condition that they have previously been treated for (but you have not told us about) then your current boarding will terminate, transferring your pet into the care of a vet or your emergency contact. You will have to pay for all veterinary fees and any remaining days paid to us will not be refunded.


We do not board unneutered male rabbits. They must be neutered at least 6 weeks before they arrive for their stay.


If you cancel your booking within 10 days of arrival, your full booking cost will be due.

If you need to collect your pets earlier than the departure date booked - then any unused days are non-refundable.

If you need to cancel or alter your booking - email us at: